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The Forest Kingdom
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    About Blackfish Children's Books

    Blackfish is available for iPhone. iPad, Android Phones and tablets, Kindle Fire, PC, and Mac. Get it and many free books now!


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  • New Books!

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    The Forest Kingdom

    Our most advanced book yet. Choose Your Own Journey through Fairy Tales. Millions of story combinations.

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    The Book That I Love To Read

    A wonderfully interactive and fun book. Each page has a variety of animations and interactions to delight kids.


  • Features


    Take a Friend Along

    Adventuring is better with a friend! Many Customizabooks books allow your child to pick the character who will go along for the ride.


    Make the Story Your Own

    Every customizabook has an array of options for customization, allowing your child to participate actively in the storytelling, and providing the opportunity to make every read-through a unique and fresh experience.

  • Categories


    A Type of Story for Every Interest

    Our goal is to offer you countless story categories to match your child's personal interests and unique needs. We plan to make a range of categories available, such as Classics, Holidays, Life Skills, Super Heroes, Sports, Animals, Being Different, Family Outings, Coping with Feelings, and more!

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    Let's Turn Your Book into a Customizabook

    Do you have a great story? Are you interested in working with us to publish your story in our digital format? Keep your original vision intact while offering your readers a new way to experience your work: the Customizabooks way!