Jacque Larsen

Jacque is part of The Great Illustrator Project representing all the digital scrapbookers out there! Her art is a unique style - the images are paper cut outs that are scanned in and used for scrapbooking. She has an enormous library of many really cute characters and backgrounds. Jacque is also representing the "Mom" faction :) When she was putting her artwork together for the project she said she was intimidated by all the other artists. "I'm just a mom", she said. I love that about her involvement in The Great Illustrator Project. I think a lot of people will appreciate the hard work that goes into her style of art and will appreciate it. Whether you'd like to support scrapbooking as an art form or support a mom working hard on something she enjoys, Jacque is a great person to get behind ;)


MEDIUM- Hand made paper pieces, digitally captured

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"The Great Illustrator Project" Portfolio *

* - This is a portfolio showing the illustrator's past works. These images will not be part of the Great Illustrator Project itself. Copyrighted characters will also not be part of The Great Illustrator Project itself.



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Hi there!  My name is Lizzy Hallman.  I’m a freelance Illustrator, living in Pennsylvania.  I work traditionally using colored pencils.  In 2010, I received a BFA in Illustration from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. 


Growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed reading children’s books with my family.  I love creating characters that make me smile, because I think if they’re pleasing to me, others will get enjoyment out of them as well.  To have my characters bring happiness to families around the world, would be a dream come true. 


Working with colored pencils, I am fascinated with how traditional methods can be combined with new technologies and apps, creating something really special for children and adults.  Blackfish Story Creator offers just that, which is why I am so excited to be involved in this Kickstarter project.  


I would love support in getting my work out there, because I work very hard and I have a great deal of enthusiasm and determination for what I love to do.  Having support will allow me to bring new characters to life!